Interview with Jerry Jones Jr. about NBA and Design in Sports

Digital design is an essential part of today’s sports industry, and it’s gaining more attention each year with the popularity of athletes and the overall digitization of the world. We met with Jerry Jones Jr., who has been working in the frontline of design, first at Major League Baseball (MLB) and now at the National Basketball Association (NBA), to talk about the trends in design, career changes and what to expect from a design job in sports.

Interview with Travis Isaacs about Designers of the ‘New Wave’

Inspired by ever-changing trends seen on TikTok and other digital platforms, the new generation of content creators has set high standards for the design industry. We met with the Head of Design for Webex Suite at Cisco, who has been working in design since the 2000s, to unpack the unique characteristics of designers of the ‘new wave’ and the struggles they have to face. In the end, he shares a secret on how to be relevant in any situation if you are already an accomplished designer.