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Serafima Aleksandrova

Content Team Lead / Strategist

About Me

Hi, I am an experienced Content Marketing specialist with 8 years of expertise in the tech industry, fueled by a passion for fintech and web3. 

I thrive on discovering the deeper motivations behind user behavior, weaving these insights into compelling content experiences.

How I Work

I work with a focus on autonomy and creativity, leveraging the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to uncover user motivations. 

My approach blends a 360-degree strategy, ensuring every aspect of content creation aligns seamlessly to deliver impactful results.

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My Recent Works

Interview with Nina Geometrieva — FlowMapp

What if I told you that you don’t *necessarily* need a degree in order to get a job at Google or Instagram? Would you believe me? You should!

If not me then our today’s guest, Senior Product Designer at Instagram, Nina Geometrieva, who dropped out of school many moons ago and still ended up in Instagram’s New York office. She got offers from three out of five MAAMA members (Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon), and worked at two of these giants.

8 insights I gained while writing an ebook in 3 months

In September 2021, I started working on my first ebook, about the history and evolution of design jobs.

As the content producer and writer of the book, I learned quite A LOT during the whole process. Mainly how fascinating and impressive the design industry is and how sophisticated and twisted the recruitment process can be for young, mid-senior level, and even very experienced designers.

Here are the 8 major insights I learned about writing an ebook that I’d like to share with you